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Types of Van

One of the first things to consider once you have decided to purchase a van is what type of van you will be buying.

There are actually several types of van on the market, all of which are quite different in their own way, so it is important that you do your research thoroughly to ensure that you get the right vehicle for you.

Here at Vans On The Net we have listed some of the common most popular vans to outline the differences between them.

Small Combo Vans – These vans are ideal if you are looking for something which isn’t a great deal bigger than a family car. They are not too overwhelming and are very similar to drive to a car, other than the fact that they have less rear visibility. Vauxhall Combo van info can be found here.

Short Wheel Base – These vans are similar to combo vans in that they are fairly easy to drive and are not particularly large, but they differ in the fact that they are full height vans and so can cope with a bigger load than combo vans.

Medium Wheel Base – A medium wheel base van is both wider and longer than a short wheel base, which considerably increases the range of items which can be transported in one. They are a little more difficult to drive due to their size.

Long Wheel Base – These vans have a very large load space and are perfect for transporting an array of items.

Extra Long Wheel Base – These are even longer than long wheel base vans and can carry very large items. Because of their long build these can be quite tricky to drive if you haven’t driven one before.

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